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Kittrell College’s Mission Statement and Connections to Its Sister Institutions


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The new Kittrell College (KC) has returned to the educational structure once utilized by the now-defunct, original Kittrell College (founded in 1886 in Kittrell, North Carolina).  The new Kittrell College has a strong, innovative infrastructure and campus created by our president, Dr. Stephanie Freeman. Today’s Kittrell College is being erected and established on theology, technology, innovation, dignity, and community.

As we work to be reconnected with the HBCU family, we can still celebrate with HBCU spirit and pride!  Join us for a Christ-centered, HBCU-influenced great time and education!

What is the structure of the new Kittrell College?

KC is still a two-year college that focuses on skill-based learning and vocational training, but it has been expanded to encompass two sister institutions—North Carolina University and Latta University. Students who receive their Associate’s degree from Kittrell College are automatically eligible to continue their education at either North Carolina University, a state-of-the-art liberal arts institution, or Latta University, a cutting-edge skill-based, project-based, and vocational training institution.  Both North Carolina University and Latta University are four-year institutions.

Latta University (still under construction) is the natural continuation of Kittrell College’s programs, but students are welcome to combine vocational training and liberal arts education to form a unique degree program that is second to none.


Kittrell College: Vocations, Skills, and Training at Their Best

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Kittrell College has many ways that you get get a great education from certificate and degree programs to ministry training.




What Makes Kittrell College So Special?

Kittrell College students are Christ-centered, student ambassadors.  They represent the college, and they are contributors to and assets for the communities in which they are involved. Kittrell College’s advocacy motto is “Our Dignity Shows” because Kittrell College’s students are stellar representations of the community–people who earn and deserve respect.




We have Bulldog Pride!


Coming Soon!

North Carolina University, our sister institution, will be NCCER accredited soon!

Once NCU is NCCER accredited, it will add Kittrell College as a satellite campus.  We will share some of the same great classes and programs!

NCCER is one of the top accrediting bodies for the trades.  We are super excited and proud to be partnering with them to bring our students top-notch education and training.

National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)

Pearson online learning and course materials for an excellent educational experience
Kittrell College provides a smooth transition from high school or other programs that offered NCCER training and certificates.

Get Ready! Kittrell College Opens in Fall 2021!

You Are Not On This Journey Alone!

Make Your Next Destination Kittrell College!  You Belong Here!

NCCER-Certified Trades Coming Soon!

Don’t have NCCER certificates? No problem! Students who want to become NCCER certified in a trade, can get a start or continue their certification at Kittrell College.
Kittrell College (in conjunction with North Carolina University and Latta University) will offer the following NCCER-certified programs:













Landscaping and Outdoor Decorating


General Contracting

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Our caring faculty and staff and unique programs will make your educational experience one that you will remember fondly. We will also provide you will a stellar, one-of-a-kind education and a community that will empower you to succeed.

James Freeman, Instructor and Dean
Master Trainer and Dean of the Chapel, Kittrell College and North Carolina University

Tuition and Certification Packages

Kittrell College offers a flat-rate tuition plan and flat-rate certificate plans. When you pay this flat-rate plan, your tuition, books, and fees are covered!  Once you pay, all that’s left is to get a great education!

Please note that late payments, missing payment deadlines, changes in schedules, and some other activities can add additional fees.  Sudden or unexpected changes in programs could also trigger an increase in a flat-rate plan.  Kittrell College administrators or staff will inform students as quickly as possible if any increases in the flat-rate plan are needed.

Kittrell College

Our Dignity Shows.
Artistry. Value. Community.

At Kittrell College, we provide exceptional artistry and still; extraordinary value and worth; and empowered communities and cultures. At Kittrell College, our dignity shows. We specialize in skill-based and competency-based education, both of which are founded upon a world-class knowledge-based education.

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“Kittrell College” is the assumed name for “Kittrell College, Inc.” (a private, non-private college) in North Carolina.  The official corporate name is “Kittrell College, Inc.”