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Vocations, Skills, and Training At Their Best

The Kittrell College Enrichment Program Is Back!

Kittrell College is holding its annual Enrichment Program again!

The Kittrell College Enrichment Program allows students to learn about a topic in a fun, creative, and informative way.  It is an intense program that concludes with a certificate ceremony to celebrate your accomplishments! This program is an annual event.  Last year (2020) focused on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies! 

Come Back Soon For More Information!Applications Coming Soon!

Kittrell College’s Mission Statement and Connections to Its Sister Institutions

President Stephanie Freeman welcomes you!

Dr. Freeman sees the bright and wonderful future that awaits you at Kittrell College. She and the faculty and staff at Kittrell College want you to have a college experience that will give you wonderful memories every day.   

Let’s create your greatness together!


Latta University North Carolina University

The new Kittrell College (KC) has returned to the educational structure once utilized by the now-dissolved, original Kittrell College (founded in 1886 in Kittrell, North Carolina).  The new Kittrell College has a strong, innovative infrastructure and campus created by our president, Dr. Stephanie Freeman. Today’s Kittrell College is being erected and established on theology, technology, innovation, dignity, and community.

As we work to be reconnected with the HBCU family, we can still celebrate with HBCU spirit and pride!  Join us for a Christ-centered, HBCU-influenced great time and education!


What is the structure of the new Kittrell College?

Kittrell College is still a two-year college that focuses on skill-based learning and vocational training, but it has been expanded to encompass two sister institutions—North Carolina University and Latta University. Students who receive their Associate’s degree from Kittrell College are automatically eligible to continue their education at either North Carolina University, a state-of-the-art liberal arts institution, or Latta University, a cutting-edge skill-based, project-based, and vocational training institution.  Both North Carolina University and Latta University are four-year institutions.

Latta University (still under construction) is the natural continuation of Kittrell College’s programs, but students are welcome to combine vocational training and liberal arts education to form a unique degree program that is second to none.

Kittrell College: Vocations, Skills, and Training at Their Best

Find Out More About Becoming A Bulldog!

Kittrell College has many ways that you get get a great education from certificate and degree programs to ministry training.

  • Kittrell College is a junior college where you can get your Associate’s degree in 2 years or less!

  • Get your Associate’s degree for one flat-rate amount that includes tuition, fees, and books!

  • Enjoy the heart of an HBCU at this dynamic Minority Serving Institution (MSI).

  • We will celebrate our Christian and HBCU roots with flare and fun.

  • Our online programs are designed to give you flexible class schedules while still fostering a sense of community.



What Makes Kittrell College So Special?

Kittrell College students are Christ-centered, student ambassadors.  They represent the college, and they are contributors to and assets for the communities in which they are involved. Kittrell College’s advocacy motto is “Our Dignity Shows” because Kittrell College’s students are stellar representations of the community–people who earn and deserve respect.




We have Bulldog Pride!

Get Ready! Kittrell College Opens in Fall 2021!

Meet the Kittrell College President, Faculty, and Staff
Our President, Dr. Stephanie Freeman

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Dr. Stephanie Freeman, our distinguished president, is a dynamic educator, motivational speaker, author, and academician. She has 5 earned degrees including a Doctor of Ministry degree. She is a graduate of North Carolina State University; the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Duke University; and Apex School of Theology. She has been featured in the Oxford University Press, Forbes, the Huff Post, Essence; U.S. News and World Report, the Wall Street Journal, and so many other outlets.

The Dean of the Chapel and Master Trainer, Pastor James Freeman
Professor of Finance and Wealth Management, Mrs. LaTonia Tyner
Professors of Business and Finance, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Veronica Alston
Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, Dr. Laurna Williams
Director of Human Resources and University Development, Ms. Tracy Clark
Advisor to the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees, Mr. Eric Guthrie, Esquire

Advisor to the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees, Mr. Eric Guthrie, Esquire


Coming Soon!

North Carolina University, our sister institution, will be NCCER accredited soon!

Once NCU is NCCER accredited, it will add Kittrell College as a satellite campus.  We will share some of the same great classes and programs!

NCCER is one of the top accrediting bodies for the trades.  We are super excited and proud to be partnering with them to bring our students top-notch education and training.

National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)

Pearson online learning and course materials for an excellent educational experience
Kittrell College provides a smooth transition from high school or other programs that offered NCCER training and certificates.

We are getting a campus ready!  Our campus is located in Tarboro, North Carolina! We are getting it ready for the 2022 school year!  Stay tuned!

You Are Not On This Journey Alone!

Make Your Next Destination Kittrell College!  You Belong Here!

Don’t have NCCER certificates? No problem! Students who want to become NCCER certified in a trade, can get a start or continue their certification at Kittrell College.
Kittrell College (in conjunction with North Carolina University and Latta University) will offer the following NCCER-certified programs:













Landscaping and Outdoor Decorating


General Contracting

Ready to Find Out More or To Apply?

Fill out the form below and get started now! Kittrell College awaits!

Our caring faculty and staff and unique programs will make your educational experience one that you will remember fondly. We will also provide you will a stellar, one-of-a-kind education and a community that will empower you to succeed.

James Freeman, Instructor and Dean
Master Trainer and Dean of the Chapel, Kittrell College and North Carolina University

Degree Programs and Certificate Programs

Kittrell College’s All-Inclusive Degree Programs and Certificate Programs–Get Your Associate’s Degree or Six Certificates for just $4,999!*

*Please Note: This offer does not include the NCCER-certified programs.

Kittrell College’s president and administrators are pleased to offer a flat-rate degree program and flat-rate certificate program. When you pay upfront and in full for one of these flat-rate programs, your tuition, required textbooks, and fees are covered!*  Once your payment is processed, all that’s left is to do is to get a great education!

*Please note that some changes in schedules and some other activities (such as adding unrequired textbooks) can add additional fees.  Sudden or unexpected changes in programs could also trigger an increase in a flat-rate plan. Kittrell College administrators or staff will inform students as quickly as possible if any increases in the flat-rate plan are needed.

Special Offer Available Until October 1, 2021!

Special Offer! Pay in full by October 1, 2021, and get your Associate’s Degree from Kittrell College for just $4,999!* Get your entire 2-year program for less than $5,000! This offer includes tuition, all required textbooks, and fees! You pay once and then get your degree! Become a KC bulldog today!

*You can also get the same offer for the 6-certificate program. Pay $4,999 in full by October 1, 2021, and pick your 6 certificates!

Questions and Answers

1) How do I take advantage of the degree program flat-rate plan?  

We call the degree program flat-rate plan The Bulldog Degree Program.  Go to the shopping area of this website and drop The Bulldog Degree Program in your cart.  Pay the $4,999 flat-rate fee, and you are on your way to a great education!

2)  How do I take advantage of the 6-certificate flat-rate plan?  

We call the certificate program flat-rate plan The Blue and Gold Certificate Program.  Go to the shopping area of this website and drop The Blue and Gold Certificate Program in your cart.  Pay the $4,999 flat-rate fee, and you are on your way to a great education!

3)  Do I have to complete my degree program or my certificate program in 2 years? 

No, you do not. You can take up to 4 years to complete your degree program or your certificate program. After 4 years, however, additional fees will be added.

4)  What about accelerated degree programs or certificate programs? How fast can I go?

We are so glad you asked!  Accelerated programs are available.  Get done in just one year with our Bulldog Accelerated Degree Program or our Blue and Gold Accelerated Certificate Program!  At the end of your first semester (before another semester starts), let your advisor know that you would like to be in the accelerated program.

5)  What degree programs do you offer?  What kind of Associate degrees could I get?

Great questions!  You can get an Associate’s degree in the following areas:

  • Theological Studies
  • Biblical Studies
  • Ministry and Ministry Management
  • Creative Writing
  • English Composition and Corrective Writing
  • Media and Productions
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Business Management
  • Business Acquisition and Development
  • Entrepreneurship

6)  What certificates do you offer?

Another great question!  All of the degree programs also have certificate programs.  However, we also offer some additional certficates. You can get a certificate in the following areas:

  • Theological Studies
  • Biblical Studies
  • Ministry and Ministry Management
  • Creative Writing
  • English Composition and Corrective Writing
  • Media and Productions
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Business Management
  • Business Acquisition and Development
  • Entrepreneurship

And there are more certificates. . .

  • Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Devotional Leadership

7)  What else do I need to know about the certificate program?  

Each certificate is the equivalent of a three-semester-hour course.  Also, when you get a certificate from Kittrell College, you can apply that certificate to a degree program.  We will even work with you to develop a multi-discipline degree program if you get certificates in multiple areas.

8)  What is the difference between getting a degree and getting certificates?

Not a lot; however, the programs are different.  When you get a degree, you are focusing on one area or degree program.  If you choose to get certificates, you can get a variety of skills in different areas.

9)  Could I major in one area and get a concentration or a minor in another area?

Yes!  We welcome adding a concentration (an additional  3 to 10 hours) or a minor (an additional  11 to 15 hours or more).  Additional fees will apply, but we will look after you and your finances.  

10)  What else do I need to know about this offer?

To take advantage of this offer, you must pay in full (the entire $4,999). This tuition is non-refundable after seven days from the date of payment.

11)  What do I do if I have additional questions? 

Please fill out the contact form on this website and a Kittrell College representative will get back to you! 


Kittrell College is not an accredited institution recognized by the Department of Education.*

*The programs that will be NCCER accredited are not the same as the overall college accreditation.  NCCER has its own procedures and requirements for its programs.

What is KC Doing to Become Accredited?

We are so glad you asked.

Kittrell College’s administrators, faculty, and staff want to provide students with the highest quality education available.  Therefore, they govern KC effectively and have instituted various quality-control measures to make sure this institution becomes accredited as quickly as possible.  Dr. Freeman also attends Department of Education (DOE) conference calls, webinars, and other events in order to prepare for accreditation.  She is also listed with the DOE’s faith-based educators.

What else should I know about accreditation?

Some or all of KC’s credit hours may not transfer to other institutions.  Also, some employers may not recognize KC’s degrees. You may also have other challenges related to attending a school that is not accredited by the Department of Education.

Once accepted, KC will operate under North Carolina’s Religious Exemption to Licensure.  Please see the important statements below:

Degree programs of study offered by North Carolina University have been declared exempt from the requirements for licensure, under provisions of North Carolina General Statutes
Section (G.S.) 116-15 (d) for exemption from licensure with respect to religious
education. Exemption from licensure is not based upon assessment of program quality
under established licensing standards.

Student Complaints: The Licensure Division of the University of North Carolina General Administration serves as the official state entity to receive complaints concerning post-secondary institutions that are authorized to operate in North Carolina.

If students are unable to resolve a complaint through the institution’s grievance procedures, they may review the Student Complaint Policy, complete the Student Complaint Form (PDF) located on the State Authorization webpage at, and submit the complaint to or to the following mailing address:

North Carolina Post-Secondary Education Complaints
c/o Student Complaints
University of North Carolina General Administration
910 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2688

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Kittrell College

Our Dignity Shows in all that we do.
We stand on Artistry. Value. Community.

Kittrell College leads with excellence!

At Kittrell College, we create a place for. . .

  • exceptional artistry and skill
  • extraordinary value and worth
  • empowered communities and culture


 Our dignity shows because we lead with excellence and we give our best. We specialize in skill-based and competency-based education, both of which are founded upon a world-class education.

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“Kittrell College” is the assumed name for “Kittrell College, Inc.” (a private, non-private college) in North Carolina.  The official corporate name is “Kittrell College, Inc.”